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My Kid Says the Darndest Things


My oldest daughter, my Lilypad, is 2 years old. Sometimes she says the most hilarious things. So I wanted to share some of them with my fellow mommies!

Lilypad: Mom, why is your mouth all wet? (All I did was burp out loud)

Lilypad: What’s that smell? Me: Mommy needs a shower honey.

Me: Mommy feels like poop. Lilypad: Well go lay down! Me: Haha mommy wishes honey.

Me: You cant come outside, its too cold.  Lilypad: Fine then i’ll never go outside, and ill never play with the puppies.

Lilypad: Where do babies come from? Husband:  UHM, the sky honey. Me: No, don’t confuse her! They come from mommy’s belly. Lilypad: Yeah mommy’s belly.

Lilypad: Mom I want to eat, I never eat.

Lilypad: What’s that? Me: It’s for mommy’s hair. Lilypad: Oh, that’s kinda serious.

(Playing in the dirt) Lilypad: I can’t make a pie, it’s dig less!

Lilypad: Excuse me, I farted!

Grandma: Look at the moon! Lilypad: Yeah it’s got a flashlight on it!

(Me dancing) Lilypad: Mom! Stop shaking your butt!

That’s all I have so far, I will do a second post to this very soon!

If you have any hilarious sayings from your kids you would like to share, please feel free to comment below!