Diy Wednesday-Baby Pants

Guess what day it is?? IT’S HUMP DAY!

I’m sure most of you are feeling bleh today..  the middle of the week sucks butt. It feels like it just drags on and the weekend is sooo far away..

But don’t lose all hope just yet 😉 I have a super duper easy tutorial I pinned from Pinterest.

You can use your old sweaters or long sleeve shirts. Or you can also go to yard sales and thrift stores and buy some for dirt cheap!

pamts2I know it says “newborn” but you can use a pair of pants your child already has as a guideline. Or you can make a couple of newborn pants as a gift!

I tried this myself, and I’m definitely not an expert in sewing, so you can easily do this too.

Here is my end result:


Hope you enjoy! There will be more DIY Wednesday’s to come!


4 thoughts on “Diy Wednesday-Baby Pants”

  1. Hey! You didn’t tell me you made those! I remember seeing them when I was there and thinking how cute they were. Cool idea!

  2. Hi Jane,
    The tips are handy :D. I like the fact that each of the steps taken come with images. The images of the yards and fabrics makes it easier to learn and apply the tips. However, I suggest the texts under each steps be made bolder for easy reading!
    In,the content marketing and syndication website, this post was shared. More so, I left the above comment.
    Sunday – contributor

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