Mommy Confessional


My confessional, I’m sure I’ll be adding more at least once a day.

Feel free to add yours at the bottom:)


  • I still wear my maternity clothes, my youngest is 10 months..
  • I let my kids watch too much tv.
  • I don’t know how many times I’ve had to take a piece of dog food out of my 10 months old mouth.
  • Sometimes I lie to my daughter and tell her I’ll take her to the park the next day just to get her to go to sleep.
  • Sometimes I tune my toddler out because she never shuts up and on a constant repeat.
  • My husband asks what I have done all day and I say ‘clean’, but really I only clean for like an hour.
  • One time my toddler ate dog poop.
  • When my oldest was a baby, she rolled off the couch while I was changing her diaper.
  • I’m in a constant daydream that I live in the Vampire Diaries.
  • Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I didn’t have kids and get married.
  • My husband and my kids are the reasons I smoke a cigarette every 30 minutes.
  • I have literally no friends.
  • I sometimes ignore my kids for Candy Crush.. stupid owl.
  • I live in my pj’s all day everyday, unless I go somewhere.
  • Sometimes my 2 year old wakes up in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. I give her my phone and let her play games and I go back to sleep.
  • When my daughter wants to watch an annoying show, I tell her it’s not on.
  • My 2 year olds bed is right next to ours, but she still sleeps in between my husband and I.
  • The drum set she got for Christmas has been in a secret hiding spot all this time, thank goodness she forgot about it!
  • My oldest pees in the bed at least once a week.
  • Most of the time I tell my husband I “forgot” to set the coffee pot for him in the mornings, but it’s usually cause I’m too tired and lazy to do it.
  • I don’t let my husband go out at all, mostly because I feel like it’s not fair he can go out without the kids and I can’t.



11 thoughts on “Mommy Confessional”

  1. Hah! Don’t worry about the dogfood. My husband caught my daughter eating cat puke when she was a toddler. She’s 23 now, and when she complains of something we remind her that she survived eating cat puke.

  2. Oh my goodness am I ever glad you followed me so I could hunt you down and be treated to this!! What a great thing you have going here! (rest of your blog is perfectly lovely too) Okay, let’s see – – I wish I could list these anonymously but that’s not happening, is it?

    1. Gave my kids a teaspoon of Benadryll before going on a plane.
    2. Skipped pages of a bedtime story that I couldn’t stand anymore! It got to the point where it turned into “Once upon a time they lived happily ever after!!”
    3. Cut my toddler’s hair SO HORRIBLY (by accident) that I told people he did it to himself!
    4. Told my kids that a really delicious food was “yucky” so I could have more of it!

    okay, okay….that’s probably enough for now. I will however tell you something that someone I know did with her own kids. And lucky her, she gets to stay anonymous while I relay this. Ready?

    She would tell EACH one of her kids the following, “I love you best, but please don’t tell your brothers or sisters or they’ll be hurt.”

    She says she wanted to make each child feel extra special. When the kids grew up they started comparing notes and found this out!

    1. Oh wow thank u so much for the compliments! Those are good ones thanks for sharing..I can completely understand skipping pages of a book and telling my daughter something is bad for you and then I eat it lol. And it’s okay you’re more than welcome to write as much as you want! 🙂

  3. It’s refreshing to see an honest mom. Sometimes I get sick of reading all the blogs that seem to have nothing but “puff pieces” about how great it is being a mom. It’s great yes but not perfect. I think blogs that never reveal the “ugly” side of mommyhood set up unrealistic expectations and make us feel terrible when we don’t match up.

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