Happy & Healthy Monday- Mommy Meal Plan



Happy Monday Mommas!

I have been a busy momma this past week, my mom came to stay with us and we did a lot of shopping and running around. So blame my mom for the lack of posts! (Sorry Mom!)

While she was here, I had a little relapse in working out and eating healthy. I pretty much binged and ate like a cow and I didn’t do my daily exercise mostly because I thought I’d look like a mutated mule trying to do Zumba and yoga poses.



Sadly now my mommy has gone home, so it’s back to eating healthy, counting calories, and mutated mule workouts!

I made an easy meal plan that doesn’t require much cooking or effort. I’m hoping I can inspire you all to follow my meal plan or make a similar one for yourself. 😉

Breakfast: Coffee.. obviously!

Oatmeal, regular or with added fruits and/or sprinkled with cinnamon.

Snack: Fruit Smoothie.

Click for a smoothie recipe!
Click for a smoothie recipe!


Lunch: Tuna sandwich or salad.

Snack: Wheat thins.

Dinner: Whatever I have planned for the week but a small portion, and with a salad.

Snack: Fiber protein bar. (After dinner my cravings for something sweet always kick in. So I bought protein bars that have a little chocolate to curb my cravings.)


So you see, it’s a pretty simple and easy plan. Of course you can add different things based on your likes and what you have in the pantry.

I will be adding a Happy & Healthy post every Monday, so look forward for more to come soon!!


Calorie Counter


I downloaded the My Fitness Pal android app a few weeks ago. You type in your current weight and your weight goal and it gives you a number of daily calorie intake. You can record everything you eat and exercises through out the day. This is a great app and what’s best is it’s FREE!

I tried yoga for the first time yesterday, and man is it hard!! Even doing a couple beginner poses, you need to have a lot of arm and leg strength. If you’re like me and the only time you have to workout is when your kids take a nap, then it can be hard to get in even 10 minutes of exercise. Because I don’t know about you, but I’d rather relax and enjoy the peace and quiet when my kids are napping! I tried it while my kids were awake (BIG MISTAKE!) They kept pressing keys on the computer, pausing the video, and lastly dropping the computer on the floor!

But I have found there’s a couple little things you can slip in through out the day. For instance, when your cooking lunch or dinner… Why not do a couple of lunges or squats while you’re waiting for something to boil or bake? Maybe even a yoga pose or two, if you have enough room in your kitchen. Another thing I do a couple times a week is play catch or soccer with my 2 year old. Can u believe playing soccer even casually for 20-30 minutes you burn 195 calories?! I love doing this because not only am I burning calories but I’m playing and spending quality time with my daughter.

Hopefully these little tips can help you out as well!