2 Births, 41 hours


Happy Tuesday!

Firstly.. and honestly, I’ve been having a tough time trying to figure out what to write about next. I was thinking of writing a bunch of random facts about me… but I would probably bore you.

So now I’m going to tell my scary, and then not so scary birth stories.

I read somewhere that the pain of giving birth is the same as being burned alive! With both of my labors, I can totally agree with this statement!

My first daughter was born in 2011. I started having consistent contractions around 12 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Right away I started having back labor. So the pain was a constant, no break in between contractions. I was given IV meds that knocked me out for a bit.

At 5 a.m. I was woken up by my water breaking. It felt like a bucket of warm water had been dumped all over me. After my water breaking, the pain had become worse. I couldn’t take the constant back soon any longer. So I finally gave in to an epidural.

But of course my luck, it didn’t work. Every hour the anesthesiologist refilled the epidural. Still nothing. The nurses said it was because the baby was laying on a nerve on my back.

Hours had passed and I was dilating very slowly. I was getting exhausted from the constant pain. I remember I started crying and told my husband I couldn’t do it anymore. I was crying so hard I couldn’t breath and my husband had to calm me down. Around that time the nurses discovered I had an infection and put me on antibiotics.

Finally 18 hours later, I was fully dilated. Of course the epidural had only worked on my vajayjay, so it took a while for me to push her out. Honestly I don’t remember how long I was pushing for, although it felt like forever. I just remember everyone yelling, ALMOST THERE! ONE MORE PUSH!

When she was finally born, she wasn’t breathing and had to be resuscitated. I only got to hold her for a few seconds before they took her to the nursery. She was put on oxygen and was jaundiced. She also had the infection and had to be on antibiotics for 7 days.

The birth of my second daughter was a LOT shorter, but more painful. I was induced a few days before my due date, because I lived far from the hospital. My husband and I wanted to keep her gender a surprise, so I had no idea she was a girl yet. Although I was so positive at the time it was a boy!

The doctor gave me meds to kick start the contractions. At first they were bearable. Thankfully I didn’t have back labor like the last time. After a few hours, the nurse gave me some IV meds. And boy that stuff knocks you out quick! I was dilated pretty quick after that. At 8 cm the pain had become too much. I asked for an epidural. We were told it would be an hour before the anesthesiologist could come. An hour later, they kept saying he was finishing up an epidural and I would be next. Another hour passed, and I was to the point of almost screaming in pain.

When he finally got to my room, I couldn’t even pay attention to what he was telling me. I was moaning and crying, and he was being a dick because I wasn’t listening. I remember looking at my husband like, Are you gonna do something about him?! I was honestly hoping someone would knock him out! Just as he was setting up, the nurses said it was time to push. I was freaking out because I knew I had to push without an epidural. Plus my doctor hadn’t even got there yet.

I still remember the pain of the pressure. Along with the pain of the contractions, I was literally screeching. With the first push her head was out. The nurse didn’t even have time to put her gloves on! I remember they kept telling me to stop pushing. And I kept yelling I CAN’T HELP IT! My body was pushing and I couldnt control it.

By the second push, she just slid out!
That’s when I heard my husband say, “IT’S A GIRL!” I cried when I heard that.
But then the nurse put her on my chest, and I’ll never forget that feeling.

She was perfectly healthy! She was 8 pounds and 21 inches!

I’ll probably never forget the pain during both, but it was all worth it. It is really an excruciating yet beautiful experience!

Thanks for putting up with my blog 🙂 and please share your birth stories, I would love to hear them!