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Betrayal, Apocalypse, and Superhuman Power



If you are or have been pregnant, then I’m sure you remember having some crazy and emotional dreams. During both of my pregnancies, I remember waking up balling my eyes out at least once a week. My husband thought I was crazy.

For me, for some reason those kinds of dreams have continued even after having my kids. I don’t wake up crying anymore but every night I have some crazy, weird dream. Maybe it’s because I’m still an hormonal, emotional wreck most of the time.

I downloaded a dream dictionary app. I looked up the meanings of my most common dreams, and here are my interpretations..

The most common dream I have is my husband leaving me and our kids.. most of the time it’s for someone else..

Betrayal: Typically represents emotional feelings of insecurity, or literal fears of infidelity. Betrayal dreams often occur for years in the wake of actual betrayals by real life partners. (I have an underlying fear that my husband is cheating, which will come true sooner than later. I guess I should be prepared. And he should be prepared to have everything he owns set on fire.)

One of my craziest recurring dreams/nightmares is the world coming to an end, either by fire or attacked and taken over by aliens..

Apocalypse:  Reflections of one’s uncertainty of his or her future. Typically, an aspect of their waking life is coming to an end, which could be a relationship, career or project. (I’m a stay at home mom, so no career or projects. And I have no friend relationships, just family. So again, pointing to the end of my relationship. So far this isn’t going very well.)

Probably my most hated dream is where my daughter(s) Is either injured or dead..

Baby-Injured: Wounded or injured babies can symbolize troubled relationships, which are in danger of “dying”. (I didn’t realize before writing this that they all were pointing to the end of my marriage, that’s not really what I wanted this post to be about. Now I’m seeing this is probably a little depressing, SORRY!)

Another recurring dream I have is where I’m back in high school..

Back in school: Recurring dreams of being back in school typically reflect performance anxiety in our waking lives, The dreamer feels as of he or she has been sent back in school to either learn how to do the job right or be tested. Dreams of being unable to graduate reflect feeling of being unable to graduate to the next level in waking life. (In other words I believe I am a horrible mother or wife, or both.)

The other night I had a dream that I gave birth prematurely to a girl.. ANOTHER girl. She was so tiny, and she was dying. And I’m not pregnant, at least not that I know of.

Birthing: If your baby is still born, has birth defects or born prematurely, think about goals or romantic relationships that you held high hopes for but which now seem or be dead or deceased. (Either I have no goals, need to make goals, or my marriage is dead. Maybe I should make goals on how I’m going to take care of my kids without my husband.. all signs point to this anyway.)

I also have a constant dream I have powers..

Superhuman power: Reflects waking life feelings of confidence to succeed in achieving a goal, even against great obstacles. (I have confidence in the day my kids start school. Or I have powers and I’m going to rule the world!)

In conclusion, based on my dreams, I’m a bad wife and mother, I have no goals, my husband is either going to cheat or leave me or both, everything he owns will be MYSTERIOUSLY burned to the ground, and if he does cheat I’ll most likely chop IT off.. doesn’t look so bright for either of us!

I have always believed your dreams mean something. But after writing this it’s a little scary, I’m hoping these meanings do not come true!

I promise my next post will not be so depressing!

Thanks for reading 😉