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5 Money Saving Tips For Moms


Let’s face it, having kids isn’t cheap. Between diapers and formula alone, that’s about 90 dollars a week!
So I wanted to share a few easy money saving tips for stay at home moms.

1. Barter
You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to trade these days. With the economy today, more people are bartering instead of paying for something they need or want. The best way to find or advertise bartering is on Craigslist. They have a bartering section under the for sale category. But even looking in the for sale ads and asking if they are willing to trade isn’t a long stretch either.
Recently, my husband traded his toolbox he never used for a new Xbox One instead of paying $600 at the store. Now he doesn’t have time to play it anymore, so he is looking to trade that for a dining table. Just remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

2. Earn Money Shopping
There are many sites that offer cash back on your purchases. The biggest sites to use are Cashbaq, Mr. Rebates, BigCrumbs, Ebates, and Upromise.

3. Earn Gift Cards By Searching the Internet

Instead of using Google to search the internet, sign up and use SwagBucks. Each time you search with SwagBucks you earn points toward free gift cards.

4. Online Surveys
There are hundreds of sites where you can earn money just by taking surveys. I have done this a few times myself. The best site that I used was When you sign up it gives you a list of tons of online survey sites.

5. Get Free Stuff
Many companies send free products in the mail everyday. The easiest way to find these giveaways is to search Freebies. You will find tons of sites listing all the freebies that are available.
Freecycle is a site where people can list items they want to give away for free. You can also post a wanted add and list what you are looking for. There are more than 4000 Freecycle groups, and all you have to do is join Freecycle through Yahoo Groups.

For more Money Savers check out Couponing

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Curse Of The Broken Crayons – Activity

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have a never ending supply of broken crayons lying around the house. It’s especially annoying when you step on them.. OWIE!

But instead of cursing at them and throwing them away, keep them and make some art! My daughter loves to color and paint so you can imagine how excited she was.

Here are two different ways you can make beautiful (or hideous) art with crayons:



Crayon Paintings

First grab a warming tray, preferably an old one, and wrap the tray with foil for protection.

Then place a piece of paper on top of the tray and begin painting with your crayon stubs.

They will melt as they touch the paper.

It’s really as easy as that!

Examples of crayon painting masterpieces:




Turning crayons into paint

Place the broken crayons into a muffin tin and place the tin on a warming tray.

Then use paintbrushes to paint with the melted crayons. That’s it!

Some examples:



These are both fun and creative activities you can easily do with your kids!  Enjoy 🙂


Depression, Ramblings of a Mommy

I am Mom




During my battle and journey with depression, I realized one of my problems: I had completely lost myself. I am no longer the person I was before having kids. I was a very positive person, enjoying life, outgoing, I always wanted to experience new things.

Who am I now? I am Mom. I look, think, talk, and act like a mom. I know having children that pretty much comes with the territory. But does being a mom have to define who you are?

If someone were to come up to me and ask me…

What do you do? I’m a mom, I wipe butts.

What do you enjoy doing? Sleeping.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? My kids starting school.

I literally researched for hours on how to find yourself while being a mom. I came upon many articles from mom’s in the same situation. I did find a few that listed steps..

  • Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself.
  • Discover your passion.
  • Get out and try new things, get scared, get uncomfortable.


These are great tips, but honestly they don’t really apply to me. If you’re like me and don’t have the option of having a babysitter and having some alone time, how are you suppose to get out and try new things?

You know that tv show, Take Me To Your Mother? With that Andrea chick? She meets mom’s all around the world getting advice on being a mom. She travels the world,  trying all these new things on finding herself. But most of the time where’s her kid?? I’m not bashing her in any way, I’m mostly just jealous!

So if you’re in my situation, and you have found a way to find yourself please share your story! I would love to read it!




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Is the grass really greener?



Approximately, 12 million women in the U.S experience clinical depression each year. And about 1/5 seek medical help. I am one of them, so today I thought I’d share my story.

As long as I can remember, I’ve never been 100 percent happy with my life or myself. With my first pregnancy, it was the first time I stayed at home without a job. And at the time I didn’t have a car, so you can imagine being stuck at home was a little depressing.

But the depression really kicked in after my second daughter was born. My husband had just started a job 400 miles away from home. So during the week he would stay in a hotel, and come home for the weekend. So I was left at home with my toddler and a newborn baby. I had family close by who did help me out a lot. But it wasn’t the same not having the father of my kids there.

This went on for six long months. I was at my lowest point. I remember being angry and crying all the time. I resented my husband for not being there, causing us to argue every time we talked.

We finally got into a house and we were a family once again. I was sure that moving into a new house and having my husband with me again would make everything better. The first few weeks of the transition were hard. I was used to having family right down the road, so being in a new city and state not knowing anyone was a huge change. I kept telling myself things would get better once I got used to this change.

But it didn’t. It just gradually got worse.

I felt so alone. Again I was angry and crying all the time. I was tired and felt like crap every single day. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to go out of the house, do things with my kids, take care of myself, or do any housewife duties. I had absolutely zero energy and motivation to get off the couch. It was effecting the way I treated my kids and my marriage.

My husband and I were in a never ending argument on what was wrong with me. He was angry because I couldn’t explain why I was feeling the way I was. And I was angry at him because he didn’t understand. Finally, he begged me to go see a doctor.

I took a test and turned out I have severe depression. I was prescribed medication that day.

The first few weeks resulted in no change. Apparently, it takes 4-6 weeks for the meds to kick in. By the fourth week, I felt like my life had completely turned around. I had energy and motivation. I actually WANTED to take care of myself by exercising and eating healthier.  I started getting into hobbies again, and I joined a mom group.

It’s been almost two months since I started the medication. I still have my ups and downs and some days are better than others.

Like yesterday was one of the down days. I felt depressed with myself. I was questioning what I was even doing. Like is this how the rest of my life is gonna be? Wiping butts, cooking and cleaning? I want more for myself. I want to experience new things, help people, make a change. I’m not saying I hate being a mom by any means. They are the reason I get up every morning and right now they need me to survive.

But millions of other moms can juggle being a mom while getting fulfillment in other things too right? I don’t know how they do it honestly. I feel like since I don’t have a babysitter getting out and doing something for myself is completely out of the question.

Well that’s my story so far, I will be writing more about my battle with depression. If you are experiencing any of what I talked about, please know that you are NOT alone. I encourage you to seek help. It doesn’t have to be medication. You can also seek therapy, either from a therapist or just talking with a friend or family member.

If you would like to share your story, please feel free to do so. Your story could help someone in a similar situation!

Thank you for reading. 🙂


My kale shake brings all the boys to the yard..

And they’re like it’s better than yours,

damn right it’s better than yours.

I could teach you,

but I’d have to charge.

Kale isn’t the best tasting thing in the world, but it’s suppose to be one of the healthiest things for you.

I drink kale shakes on a daily basis, so I thought I’d share my favorite recipe!


What you need:

  • 1 handful of Kale
  • 2/3 cup Orange juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup berries (frozen mixed)
  • 1 Kiwi


In a blender, puree Kale and Orange juice. Add all other ingredients, blend until smooth. (About 2 minutes)

Calories 200

Total fat 0.5g

Protein 12g

Vitamin A 540%

Vitamin C 200%

Calcium 35%

Iron 40%

Of course you can add other things like yogurt, spinach, carrots, mango, and other juices. Hope you enjoy!


When life gives you lemons, put ’em on your face!



I friggin love lemons! I’d seriously eat them all day if they weren’t so bad for your teeth.

But you can use them for so much more than just eating! Add some sliced lemon or lemon juice in your water, it helps with metabolism.

Also a great use for cleaning!

Believe it or not you can even spray some lemon juice in your hair. Before I had my hair professionally colored, my roots were the only thing showing and it was DI-STUST-ING. I hated it! It was a brown, and not even a pretty brown. A dull, ugly brown.

So I read online somewhere to put lemon juice in a spray bottle (I added a little water so it wasn’t so harsh) and pretty much just spray it in your hair. It doesn’t turn your hair completely blonde by any means, but it does enhance your natural highlights and makes your hair so shiny! I used this method everyday and it made my hair at least decently presentable.

I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘Put em on your face’. Lemon is a natural toner and it gets rid of the redness. It’s not for everyone though. I wouldn’t recommend this is you have sensitive skin!  I have sensitive skin and all it did was irritate my face. It was scary looking.

You can also gauge them in someone’s eyes if you wish for them to scream like bloody hell…AW I’m just kiddin’!


By the way, the entire time I was trying to write this, my 10 month old kept crying and crying..

No I don’t ignore my children, but do you see what happens when mom’s try to do ANYTHING??!! And now of course that I’m done she passed out on her own..

Hashtag Mommy probs.




Marriage Smarriage


Who ever says marriage is easy is clearly delusional..

Ya sure the first year, the ‘honeymoon stage’ is all rainbows and unicorns. But I think after the first year, you truely understand the definition of marriage.

1% of the time you’re like “Omg I love him so much, I’m so glad he’s my husband!” And the other 99% you just picture yourself running him over with your car.

I myself have been married for 4 years, I know it isn’t that long but it feels like 10! Literally FIVE days after we got hitched we found out we were pregnant with our first. Funny I know, but I really had no idea! So my husband and I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the honey moon stage before bringing a baby into the mix.

Even before we tied the knot, we had many ups and downs. And then many more after having our first daughter. She had colic for about a month so you can imagine with no sleep we were both at each others throats.

Even after only 4 years, most days I just want to strangle him! But still can’t imagine being married to anyone else.  I’m sure he feels the same about me sometimes, but hey that’s marriage right?

We are complete opposites in our views and the way we think.. which leads to a lot of arguing. He’s the type of person who believes money comes before family. He would rather be wealthy and have nice things than broke but able to spend time with family. This is a constant issue with us. Family is the most important in my eyes, and I would rather my see my kids happy with their daddy than living the luxurious life. But that’s just me.

He’s one of those dads that thinks just because he works and provides for the family he doesn’t have to help with housework and the kids.

He always tells me, ‘If you need help with the kids just ask.’ I’m like hello they’re your kids too, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO DUDE! I shouldn’t have to ask.

Ladies if you have a husband who willingly helps with your kids and housework and actually appreciates all that you do.. consider yourself LUCKY!!

I just WISH my hubby could walk a week in my shoes. Then he would understand and appreciate what I go through. He honestly thinks I get to sit at home and relax all day and I have it soo easy.

I mean seriously, he gets to sleep, nap, poop in peace, shower in peace.. if I get to take a hot bath for 30 min I’m like OMG IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS!

There’s one quote I love on marriage, it’s funny but also completely true…

Marriage. Is the only way during which you sleep with your enemy.