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5 Money Saving Tips For Moms


Let’s face it, having kids isn’t cheap. Between diapers and formula alone, that’s about 90 dollars a week!
So I wanted to share a few easy money saving tips for stay at home moms.

1. Barter
You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to trade these days. With the economy today, more people are bartering instead of paying for something they need or want. The best way to find or advertise bartering is on Craigslist. They have a bartering section under the for sale category. But even looking in the for sale ads and asking if they are willing to trade isn’t a long stretch either.
Recently, my husband traded his toolbox he never used for a new Xbox One instead of paying $600 at the store. Now he doesn’t have time to play it anymore, so he is looking to trade that for a dining table. Just remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

2. Earn Money Shopping
There are many sites that offer cash back on your purchases. The biggest sites to use are Cashbaq, Mr. Rebates, BigCrumbs, Ebates, and Upromise.

3. Earn Gift Cards By Searching the Internet

Instead of using Google to search the internet, sign up and use SwagBucks. Each time you search with SwagBucks you earn points toward free gift cards.

4. Online Surveys
There are hundreds of sites where you can earn money just by taking surveys. I have done this a few times myself. The best site that I used was When you sign up it gives you a list of tons of online survey sites.

5. Get Free Stuff
Many companies send free products in the mail everyday. The easiest way to find these giveaways is to search Freebies. You will find tons of sites listing all the freebies that are available.
Freecycle is a site where people can list items they want to give away for free. You can also post a wanted add and list what you are looking for. There are more than 4000 Freecycle groups, and all you have to do is join Freecycle through Yahoo Groups.

For more Money Savers check out Couponing

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