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Curse Of The Broken Crayons – Activity

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have a never ending supply of broken crayons lying around the house. It’s especially annoying when you step on them.. OWIE!

But instead of cursing at them and throwing them away, keep them and make some art! My daughter loves to color and paint so you can imagine how excited she was.

Here are two different ways you can make beautiful (or hideous) art with crayons:



Crayon Paintings

First grab a warming tray, preferably an old one, and wrap the tray with foil for protection.

Then place a piece of paper on top of the tray and begin painting with your crayon stubs.

They will melt as they touch the paper.

It’s really as easy as that!

Examples of crayon painting masterpieces:




Turning crayons into paint

Place the broken crayons into a muffin tin and place the tin on a warming tray.

Then use paintbrushes to paint with the melted crayons. That’s it!

Some examples:



These are both fun and creative activities you can easily do with your kids!  Enjoy 🙂



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