When life gives you lemons, put ’em on your face!



I friggin love lemons! I’d seriously eat them all day if they weren’t so bad for your teeth.

But you can use them for so much more than just eating! Add some sliced lemon or lemon juice in your water, it helps with metabolism.

Also a great use for cleaning!

Believe it or not you can even spray some lemon juice in your hair. Before I had my hair professionally colored, my roots were the only thing showing and it was DI-STUST-ING. I hated it! It was a brown, and not even a pretty brown. A dull, ugly brown.

So I read online somewhere to put lemon juice in a spray bottle (I added a little water so it wasn’t so harsh) and pretty much just spray it in your hair. It doesn’t turn your hair completely blonde by any means, but it does enhance your natural highlights and makes your hair so shiny! I used this method everyday and it made my hair at least decently presentable.

I wasn’t kidding when I said ‘Put em on your face’. Lemon is a natural toner and it gets rid of the redness. It’s not for everyone though. I wouldn’t recommend this is you have sensitive skin!  I have sensitive skin and all it did was irritate my face. It was scary looking.

You can also gauge them in someone’s eyes if you wish for them to scream like bloody hell…AW I’m just kiddin’!


By the way, the entire time I was trying to write this, my 10 month old kept crying and crying..

No I don’t ignore my children, but do you see what happens when mom’s try to do ANYTHING??!! And now of course that I’m done she passed out on her own..

Hashtag Mommy probs.




6 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons, put ’em on your face!”

  1. I been using lemons for same purpose for years. I NEVER buy ANY facial or skin products…except for makeup. Nothing is better for your skin than fruit, inside AND outside ; ) There is ONE thing that I will NEVER be without, and that is Coconut Oil. I use it for PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! The stuff is MIRACULOUS. Just be sure its Organic and Extra Virgin!!!

      1. Yes you DEFINITELY should! Just be sure its organic and extra virgin. Pretty affordable too at around $10 and 12 oz jar can last awhile!

  2. I have heard a lot from lemon, and all the things that you can do with them, however, it’s good news for me that it’s good for the metabolism, I might try to add a splice of lemon to my drinks. Thank your for stopping by on Busy Mom Monologues.

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