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Zombie Poop

Today I look like a zombie..Pale, yellow red face (don’t ask me how), and huge puffy red eyes. I think I feel worse than I look.. I.e Zombie Poop!

I could post a pic but I wouldn’t want to scare you away.. Ha!

I think I have a cold, maybe the flu.. I wish I could just take a sick day, lay in bed and watch tv all day. But do mommy’s get sick day? Ha think again!

I remember one time I was puking my guts out every 10 minutes and my toddler standing next to me screaming hysterically.

Funny cause when my husband get sick he gets to sleep all friggin day. He has a headache and he sleeps all day.. MUST BE NICE!!

I swear if Mom’s got paid for all that we do.. and don’t do.. we’d probably be millionaires! True story though..

P.s. This is me…



3 thoughts on “Zombie Poop”

  1. Hysterically Funny! Especially part where you’re puking n baby standing next to you screaming! Funny NOW, but at the TIME, not so much, I bet lol.

  2. Ah man – – I feel really dumb now trying to give you that calm, logical advice on your other post. You need to be the one screaming hysterically today. Do you have a good soundproofing pillow to yell into? It doubles as punching bag as well. Or alternatively – – remember that Benadryll I mentioned in the confessional?……just sayin’ ….(for you….not them….)

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