When to take your baby to the doctor




We all hate when our kids get sick, especially when they vomit and there’s really nothing you can do for them. I was up all night with my 10 month old. She started out with a mild fever and then vomited three times in a matter of 30 minutes. I gave her a bath and then fought for an hour to put her to sleep. Her fever was up to 101.6 by 4 am, with no more vomiting thank goodness!

She still has a fever now but hasn’t thrown anything up since last night. Of course I am worried and wondered if I should take her in to the doctor. I called to talk to her doctor this morning but apparently they do not give health advice over the phone??!! So of course I GOOGLED When to take your baby to the doctor. The article I found on Mayo Clinic, did ease my mind a bit. Thankfully the doctors office does take walk-ins, so I’ll just keep an eye on her and hope for no more vomiting!

Maybe you can find this very helpful as well. 🙂

Sick baby? When to seek medical attention.


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