First time blogger!

Yay my first post! 🙂

First off, I decided I wanted to create a blog for mommy’s like myself looking for a little inspiration.

My journey till now

I have been a stay at home mom for 3 years now. Since the birth of my first child, I’ve battled with depression here and there. But up until these past few months, since moving a state away from friends and family, the depression has gotten much worse. It was effecting my marriage and how I treated my kids. I finally decided to get help and see a doctor. I was diagnosed with severe depression and prescribed medication right away. It has been a month and half since then, and I feel like things have completely turned around. I have so much more motivation and energy. I have been eating healthier and exercising almost everyday. I’m not constantly screaming at my kids anymore or treating my husband like he’s ruined my life.

I’ve taken interest in hobbies again; couponing, making clothes, & writing. I have even joined a mom group in my area. It’s wonderful to have a conversation with someone other than my 2 year old, plus my kids get to play and make friends.

My hopes for this blog are for moms to relate and maybe find some inspiration in their everyday life of a mommy. I plan to blog about things such as home life, marriage, kids, health & fitness, beauty etc..

This is my first blog and I know the site is still a little rough but please bear with me!!



2 thoughts on “First time blogger!”

  1. Wow! I had NO IDEA my daughter was such a TALENTED writer! Although, idk WHY it’s so surprising. She’s talented in SO MANY ways. I think she’s AMAZING : )

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